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We offer only the jewelry produced or hand finishing. Due to the method of production and a wide range of colors of amber, each product Enzo is one of a kind. Despite these differences, we created a directory of jewelry that showcases offered by us design and lets you order products by the codes. Specificity makes our jewelery manufacturing, however, that models marked with the same symbol, according to the catalog may differ from each other weighting or amber tint.


Enzo jewelry can be purchased directly at our office, where we always have a deal finished products or to place an order through the website, e-mail, phone or fax. Minimum order is 1000 Euro.


We approach each customer individually. For those who prefer to purchase ready-made jewelry, and just do not have the possibility of coming to Gdansk, send an e-mail photos of some products available in stock. It is also a way to present products outside the directory.


Our offer is addressed only to professional clients (owners of shops, galleries, etc.)